California Mission Studies Association

Founded in 1984, California Mission Studies Association (CMSA) is a non-profit organization formed to further advance the studies and research of our missions, presidios, ranchos, villas and pueblos. As an organization, CMSA promotes the development of archeological, historical and cultural resources. We’re hoping that this webpage will serve everyone as a first stop when looking for information regarding our missions, presidios, ranchos, and pueblos. We invite you to browse our webpage as you continue your interest of events, people and history along the mission trail. JOIN CMSA TODAY!



News & Events

  • The Fall 2015 Edition of the Correo is now available. Click here to catch up on all the news.

  • The Fall 2015 Correo contains information about the upcoming 2016 Annual Conference. Click here to for details.

  • Click here for a Q & A regarding the merger of CMSA and the California Missions Foundation.

  • Click here to read the updated By Laws for the merger of CMSA and CMF.

  • Digital copies of Boletín Vol. 30 are now available in the CMSA store for immediate download. Click here to order!

  • The 2013 CMSA Conference Video Proceedings are online. Click here to see the presentations from this year's Conference.

Click here to see the the Correo Archive.